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Hey, your mate thinks you could do with ServiceM8 job management magic!

  • Manage jobs and staff

  • Quote and invoice on site

  • Capture signatures

  • Record notes, photos and videos

  • Complete PDF forms

  • Accept credit card payments

  • Sync with your accounting package

Why should you use ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is a smart job management tool for trades and services. Using the latest technology it can help you eliminate paperwork, improve productivity and provide great service.

    "I sit in my van after an onsite visit and do the quote there and then. Customers are always impressed with the speed of the turnaround and how professional my quote looks. In fact, customers are impressed with me before I even meet them because of the level of communication and the fact that they can track my arrival. This definitely wins me more work and I wouldn't be able to do it so easily without Software Buddy introducing me to ServiceM8."

     Leon Rygol - Rygol Electrical Bristol




    Win more work

    With professional quotes and better communication, you'll win more new work and earn repeat customers







    Complete more work

    On average businesses using ServiceM8 complete 30% more work in the first 3 months







    Get paid faster

    Produce professional invoices in seconds and even take payment before you leave the job




    Run your business from anywhere, anytime​

    Access client and job details, view staff locations and schedules, dispatch jobs and generate quotes or invoices - wherever you are.

     Work out how much extra you could make by using ServiceM8

    Efficiently creating, dispatching and completing jobs, right first time, every time, is the cornerstone of ServiceM8’s job management software. But enabling your on-site team to professionally quote and efficiently invoice on the road, is what will increase your profits by an average 30% - now that's an impressive Return On Investment!


    Try our ROI calculator to see how much using ServiceM8 will add to your profit.


    £{{monthlyMargin.toLocaleString() }}

    Without ServiceM8


    £{{getRecommendedPackage.Cost}} per month

    £{{extraMarginPerYear.toLocaleString() }}

    per year

    That's £{{extraMarginPerYear.toLocaleString() }} more every year AFTER you account for the cost of your new ServiceM8 licence.

    We calculate this from the monthly margin you already earn (A), multiplied by the 30% extra you will receive by using ServiceM8, less the cost of your ServiceM8 licence (B), to achieve your ServiceM8 ROI (C).

    So many reasons to start using ServiceM8

    Finish the job on the first visit

    Built-in checklists and job requirements ensure each job is done right the first time, and job ‘badges’ can be used to highlight critical information about a job.

    Don't miss appointments

    Access your full schedule of jobs  and receive automatic reminders about upcoming bookings. ServiceM8 will even take travel time into account.

    Store photos of every job

    Take photos or videos evidence from within ServiceM8 and they’re automatically saved to the job. Everyone in the business can then access them.

    Capture the client’s signature 

    Record proof that a customer is happy to proceed with a job, or pay for work you’ve just completed.

    Quote & invoice in the field

    Create professional quotes and invoices in seconds. Print, email, text or even post them to your clients whilst on site.

    Take payment on site

    Take payments anywhere directly through the ServiceM8 app, and even allow your customers to pay online.

    Keep your clients in the loop

    Text clients to notify them that you’re on your way, with an ETA. Automatically email or text customers about upcoming bookings.

    Complete safety forms electronically

    Customisable question & answer forms allow field staff to produce comprehensive PDF reports and documents on site. No more paperwork!

    No double entry with your accounting

    Integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero. Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments automatically to streamline workflow, and save admin time.

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